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Stantins is a multi-disciplinary Financial Services Firm that helps businesses and individuals manage and grow their wealth.

Financial services for the businesses of tomorrow

We believe that exceptional individuals and organisations, big and small, have the ability to shape the future and make valuable contributions to their industries, customers and communities.

The needs of our clients are rapidly changing and as a Financial Services Firm, we deliver on their accounting and advisory needs today, while helping them shape their business for tomorrow.


We know that pursuing entrepreneurship and wealth are like climbing a mountain. It will have its challenges. But with a plan, the right tools and support, you’ll reach your summit.

And we’re here to help you climb your proverbial mountain.

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Our core values include integrity, teamwork, and customer focus, shaping a work environment that fosters collaboration in an open space. Communication is encouraged through a senior management open-door policy, welcoming feedback from all levels. Leadership is characterised by empowerment and coaching, emphasising a work-life balance that combines high productivity with flexibility for personal time and family life. Employee engagement and development are prioritised, offering opportunities for professional growth and training. Collaboration and teamwork take precedence over individual achievements, fostering innovation and risk-taking. The company values diversity and inclusion, celebrating various cultural festivals within its diverse workforce.