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Helping businesses and individuals create wealth by identifying smart investment opportunities and customised strategies.


The journey to creating wealth is your own

Everyone's financial situation is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. By tailoring plans to individual circumstances, we help our clients achieve their financial goals and navigate their financial journey.

Individualised Goals
Tailored financial planning starts by understanding the specific financial goals and objectives of the individual or family. This could include short-term goals like buying a home, saving for education, or reducing debt, as well as long-term goals like retirement planning and wealth accumulation.
Assessment of Financial Situation
A thorough analysis of the individual's current financial situation is conducted, including a review of income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. This helps in understanding the existing financial landscape and identifying areas that need attention.
Customised Strategies
Based on the individual's unique circumstances, a tailored financial plan involves the development of personalised strategies. This could include budgeting, investment planning, insurance coverage, tax planning, and other financial decisions that align with the individual's goals and risk tolerance.
Flexibility and Adaptability
Tailored financial plans are designed to be flexible and adaptable. Life circumstances, financial markets, and economic conditions may change over time, and the plan should be adjusted accordingly. Regular reviews and updates ensure that the financial plan remains relevant and effective.
Risk Tolerance and Preferences
Understanding the individual's risk tolerance, as well as their preferences and values, is crucial in tailoring the investment component of the plan. Some individuals may be more risk-averse, while others may be comfortable with a higher level of risk in pursuit of potential higher returns.
Cash Flow Planning
We use cash flow planning as a tool to create saving plans and pay down debt quicker. Whether it’s your business or your personal cash flow, this process assists with managing your income, expenses, emergency funding and savings to provide better tangible outcomes.

For small to medium businesses, multi-
generational companies, start-ups and scale-ups

We work with a range of industries, these are their stories and the mountains we have helped them climb.

Private Clients

Private Clients
To accrue someone that can help with compliance administration work.
Wanting to work with someone that is knowledgeable of business compliance and regulation, allowing time to focus on other core business activities.

Startups &

Startups & scaleups
To grow the business in the next 12 months.
Wanting to understand how the current structure of the business is restricting financial growth and how to smoothly transition to a structure that will optimise business success.

Small-to-Medium Businesses

Small to Medium Businesses
To sell the business in the next 6 months.
Wanting an advisor that will champion her business and provide expert guidance on how to maximise business valuation, but also protect the business’ current team of employees.

Family/Multi-Generational Businesses

Family / Multi-
Generational businesses
To invest in new equipment and technology.
Wanting to weigh up all their options when it comes to borrowing money for new equipment and have a plan in place to pay back the loan.


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Stantins is more than just providing expert financial advice and accounting services. We look to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and become a trusted partner of your business that you can rely on. Our services exist to help business owners understand how to make the best financial and structural decisions and to make a meaningful impact on the success of our client’s companies.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is our investment management philosophy?

Our objective is to select a portfolio that reliably generates our client’s required returns to achieve their lifestyle goals, whilst ensuring that investment risk, tax and fees are all minimised.

  • We actively manage and monitor client portfolios to minimise investment failures, underperformance, and changes in legislation. 
  • Our strategies are driven by ‘Tipping Point’ methodology which better manages entry into and exit from various asset classes and investment markets.

How do we manage direct shares?

We construct portfolios using a selection of the top 100 Australian Company ASX listed direct shares as part of the overall portfolio. 

  • We benchmark portfolios based on the client’s risk tolerance and time horizon.
  • Portfolio turnovers are relatively low, the focus is on quality public listed companies with strong balance sheets and business models that can withstand unusual economic conditions.

Feel free to request a copy of our ‘investment philosophy’ document for more information.

What process do we follow?

The first step is to get an understanding of our client’s existing financial situation, particular objectives, and concerns.

  • Detailed information is collected using a ‘Fact- Finder’
  • Advice is provided in writing, in a document called a ‘Statement of Advice’ (SoA). This document sets out your personal circumstances and your needs and objectives, and then explains the resulting strategy and recommendations. 

Feel free to request a copy of our ‘Financial Services Guide’ (FSG).

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